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Residential Dumpster Rental

Residential dumpsters are best for home improvement projects, household cleanups, and general junk removal. Fill the container with carpet, furniture, clothes, boxes, toys, etc. Direct Dumpster Service is ready to meet your home renovation and cleaning needs. We have a huge range of dumpster sizes available to meet the requirements of your next project. Whether it’s for home remodeling, a landscaping project, or a spring cleaning, our radio-dispatched trucks are nearby and ready to get you the dumpster you require. We take pride in offering efficient, reliable, and safe service. Contact our trained experts at (877) 240-4411 and get a free quote as well!

We offer reliable and on-time curbside and driveway service that’s always safe and friendly. We offer a full line of dumpsters in a variety of sizes for rent, all ready to be delivered to your home asap. We are committed to protecting the environment, and our Single Stream Recycling Guide makes it easier than ever for residents to recycle. While renting a dumpster from us, it is important to understand what is considered permissible waste and what is not. These restrictions are fairly standard across the USA. They are designed for your safety and also to protect the environment.

  • Liquids
  • Oils
  • Lubricants
  • Flammables
  • Pesticides
  • Rubber Tires
  • Dirt and Gravel
  • Hazard Materials

If any of these waste materials are found in the dumpster, they will be charged extra accordingly. For more info, please talk to our efficient and helpful customer care service.

Construction Dumpster Rental: The Smartest Way to Dispose of Debris

Direct Dumpster Service is a trusted & affordable construction dumpster rental service in the USA. If you have a construction project going on, you need a dependable partner to deal with your construction debris removal needs. Direct Dumpster Service offers you a simple yet efficient construction debris removal process. Our aim is to keep your construction site clean, eliminating any slowdowns, delays, and unnecessary expenses due to your project debris. Email us, call us, or fill out the form on our website, and we will customize a construction dumpster rental service for you. Call us (877) 240-4411 and get A Free Quote Now

You can count on us for all your construction projects that span several cities and states. We are popular because we have been a dependable, easy, & smart dumpster rental solution for construction projects. Our mission is to haul away debris, junk, and construction waste. You only need to select the size of the dumpster you need and decide for how long you will rent it. And call us. Then, we will provide an upfront, flat-rate price, which will be easy on your budget. Once we decide which dumpster is best for you, we’ll deliver it to your construction site within 48 business hours.

Whether you’re demolishing or constructing a building, we will make construction debris disposal the least stressful to you. We will leave our dumpster in a safe and accessible spot so your workers can easily toss in debris, keeping your job site safe and neat at all phases of your project.

For more info, please talk to our efficient and helpful customer care service.

Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals Nationwide:

Direct Dumpster Service Rentals are the most convenient, budget-friendly, timely, efficient, and simple solution for your yard waste/debris removal needs. As a landscaper, masonry, patio, contractor, or any other individual carrying out a job, you will get a surefire way to keep your job site clean by renting our yard waste dumpsters. In short: renting our yard waste dumpsters means that you’ll get a local and timely solution to landscape waste and yard debris removal. This way, the homeowner can enjoy their house and landscape without any delays.

Rent your dumpster for yard waste. We have them in all sizes, with flexible rental periods & flat-rate pricing. You only need to pick your dumpster size, decide how long you need it, and we’ll deliver it to you or within 48 business hours. Our dumpsters are perfect for handling substantial loads. You fill them up to the fill line, and notify us, and we’ll pick it up. Hauling away yard waste and debris is easy and simple with Direct Dumpster Service rentals.

All you have to do is call us or fill out our quote form at the top of this page. And we’ll take care of the rest. Please talk to our efficient and helpful customer care service for more info.

Best Roofing Dumpster Rental Service:

Roofing is intricate and hard; let us take care of your roofing debris disposal needs with Roofing Dumpster Rental service. Direct Dumpster Service offers you our safe, efficient, flat-rate, and flexible roofing dumpster rental service. Renting our dumpers means that you will clean up roofing debris in the most efficient and fastest way. This way, you will eliminate tripping hazards, increase job site safety, clear the way for your roofing crew to work efficiently, and keep everyone’s peace of mind.

Call us on 877-240-4411 or fill out our quote form at the top of this page. And we will deliver the ideal dumpster for your roof installation or tear-off project by the next day. Every project has its challenges, which are not different when getting rid of roofing debris. A roofing job site can be full of heavy roofing materials, sharp objects, and debris. Most seasoned roofers also must be careful when handling these roofing debris materials.

If the roofing crew doesn’t appropriately handle every tool, material, or waste, a worker or the property owner can be severely injured. Roofing installation and roofing replacement jobs require special dumpsters. The reason is that disposing of shingles, tiles, flashings, and sheathing is a bit dangerous. Roofing materials are not easy to handle, have sharp edges and are heavy. So, to avoid unfortunate accidents, it’s best to put them in a dumpster. Renting our roofing dumpsters is the best option to avoid tripping hazards, increase job site safety, and clear the way for your roofing crew to work efficiently.

Rent a dumpster from us for your roofing waste removal needs, and we will clear the way for what’s next. Once you the container is full, call us for its pickup. We will come as soon as we can to pick up the roofing dumpster and haul away all the waste. We wish you luck in your roofing projects and remember that you can always count on Direct Dumpster Service to avoid any delays in your project.

Best Concrete Dumpster Rentals

It’s no secret that concrete is heavy. Construction container rentals come with appropriate weight limits for general construction waste. But the weight limit can easily be exceeded if you have only concrete or a lot of it, which will result in increased cost. We offer special dumpster rental pricing specifically for concrete, asphalt, block, and stone. As a result, these materials can be recycled at specialty facilities so long as they are free of contaminants. Concrete dumpsters are ideal for driveway and slab removals, tearing down retaining walls, and home or business remodels.

Flat rate all-inclusive pricing eliminates any surprises from your bill. The price you see is the price you pay. Simple and transparent. The way it should be.

Acceptable materials:

A few types of heavy debris qualify for concrete dumpster pricing at different rates.

Clean concrete: Concrete free of trash, rebar, roots or other contaminants is allowed. Painted concrete is acceptable so long as it is not lead-based paint.

Concrete with metal: Concrete with rebar or other metal can be hauled away. However, the disposal rate will be higher than clean concrete as the metal will have to be extracted from the concrete.

Asphalt and/or brick: Whether from removing pavement or building demolition, it can all go in.

Mixed heavy debris: Any combination of the above can be mixed. However, the disposal rate will be higher than if they were separated.

What’s not allowed in a concrete dumpster?

Concrete slurry: Solid concrete is acceptable; however, the concrete slurry is not. Concrete slurry is a mixture of sand, cement, water, and sometimes lime. Contact us for disposal of cement slurry.

Trash and other debris: Other construction wastes, household trash, or materials not listed as acceptable are not allowed into the concrete dumpster. Doing so can result in contamination fees.

Factors That Affect the Dumpster Rental Cost


The most obvious factor that will affect the price you will pay for a dumpster rental is the size of the dumpster you choose. Dumpster sizes are measured by their cubic yardage, and the most common sizes are 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards.


Most dumpster rentals have an included weight limit in their base price. Exceeding that included weight limit will have overage fees per additional ton that you add to your dumpster. These overage fees can add up quickly, especially when disposing of heavy materials like brick and concrete.

Type of Debris:

When getting dumpster rental quotes from different companies in your area, be sure to be as detailed as possible when describing the type of material you’ll be putting in your dumpster.

Landfill Fees:

The landfill fees near you will have a huge impact on what is considered a competitive dumpster rental price in your area.

Your Location:

Where you live will come into play in other ways than just landfill fees.
If you live off the beaten path and it takes a significant amount of travel time to get to your location, it’s reasonable to assume that you could be charged more than someone that lives within a few miles of the same rental company.

Rental Period

The standard length of a dumpster rental is one week.

This can usually be amended but will depend entirely on the rental company’s policies.

If you only need a dumpster for a day, it’s worth asking if you can have a discounted rate for a quick turnaround time.

Who You Hire From:

Who you hire matters when it comes to the price of any service, and a dumpster rental is no different. National waste management companies charge more for their dumpster rentals than small, locally-owned companies. Beyond just that, no two companies operate the same. Some companies have larger operations, which require higher expenses, and other companies have lower overhead cost.

Direct Dumpster Service offers all our dumpster rental services nationwide at the best budget-friendly price.

We get asked a lot how this whole process works and our clients lean on us and our expertise for getting the job done quickly, safely, and on budget. If you’re not sure of something we’re more than happy to help figure out what it is you need and give you advice on how to make that happen. Being in business for years has given us the knowledge to help you with your dumpster rental.
1. Reach out to us!
2. Let us know what you need or that you need help figuring out what you need.
3. We will hash out the details with you and set a date and time for delivery.
4. Make sure that you have a spot picked out for the dumpster and that it’s clear and accessible for a truck.
5. Once it’s delivered, fill it!
6. We’ll pick it up when we are notified it’s full or at a pre-scheduled date.

Please reach out to us at 877-240-4411 for more info and we will get back to you about our services in your location. You will be redirected to the nearest location page. For more details request a free Quote or call us at (877) 240-4411 to get an instant free quote.