40 Yard Dumpster

40 Yard Dumpster at Direct Dumpster Service

The Direct Dumpster Service has been operating as one of the USA’s largest waste and recycling companies providing residential and commercial trash and recycling services all over the USA.

When you choose Direct Dumpster Service as your complete waste management company, you receive the benefit of working with one of the most budget-friendly names in the business. We are fully dedicated to keeping the community clean with innovative and responsible techniques. With an impeccable track record, we can be the answer to your waste management needs in the USA.

Apart from garbage pickup, our business is trash pickup as well; we also offer a variety of sanitation services for commercial and residential customers. For example, we provide roll-off dumpsters and provide portable restroom rentals for construction and other projects.

We provide comprehensive industrial waste management expertise beyond a typical trash company.

For more details about our capabilities and services, reach out today. Our representatives will be more than elated to discuss your needs.

Direct Dumpster Service offers four different container sizes, starting with our 10-yard unit.

 About 40-yard dumpster rentals:

The 40-yard dumpster is our largest size and suits a variety of large-scale projects. Whether planning a significant home remodel or building demolition, a 40-yard dumpster is a convenient waste management solution for property owners and contractors alike.

40-yard dumpsters typically measure 22 ft long, 7.5 ft wide, and 8 ft high. They can be placed in most construction sites, residential driveways, parking lots, etc.

However, if you have a very congested area that the truck needs to navigate to place the dumpster, you might have to go with a smaller size or, if possible, have the dumpster placed in the street.

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    Like most dumpsters, 40-yard containers feature a door at one end that swings open for effortless walk-in loading.

    This makes it convenient for safely carrying heavy items or wheelbarrowing bulky, like home appliances, furniture, and demolition debris, into the dumpster.

    Direct Dumpster Service can help you find the best dumpster for your project. Call us today to discuss capacity needs or to schedule your next rental.

    What kind of wastage can be hauled in a 40-yard dumpster?

    If you are cleaning out your garage or house or renovating your house, many items need to be thrown away or recycled. Materials that can be thrown in a dumpster include most furniture, carpeting, toys, and general household trash. Any plastics, electronics, appliances, books, or cardboard should be taken to a recycling plant. You can throw drywall, home clutter, yard waste, and more in a 40-yard dumpster. We also accept appliances and mattresses in some areas, but you may incur additional fees. If you have queries about the debris you’re tossing, contact our team.

    What is the size of a 40-Yard dumpster?

    40 yard dumpster dimension and weight limit

    40-yard dumpsters are one of the largest dumpster sizes that Direct Dumpster Service offer.

    40-yard dumpsters typically measure 22 ft long, 7.5 ft wide, and 8 ft high. It can hold up to 40 cubic yards of debris in volume

    Your dumpster rental weight limit will depend on your scope of work and the materials you’re getting rid of.

    If you are unsure if the access is adequate or not, or if you are not sure if this size can accommodate your debris, please contact our team for an accurate recommendation.

    What is the normal rental period for a 40-yard dumpster?

    Typically, you can rent a 40-yard cubic dumpster for 7 to 40 days. Rental periods vary based on location and can even be as short as 3 to 5 days. If you are tackling a long-term project, the extension of your dumpster rental can be done for a flat daily rate. For more details on rental periods in your area, please contact our team.

    Is a 40-yard dumpster sufficient for your requirement?

    If you have a big project, a 40-yard dumpster could be the perfect container size for you.

    Common Projects Suitable for a 40 Yard Container

    40-yard containers can be used to remove debris from remodeling projects like:

    • Flipping a home
    • Tearing down a garage
    • Building a home addition
    • Renovating a large kitchen or entire floor
    • Garage, shed, or barn cleanouts
    • Medium to large roof replacements
    • Large deck removals
    • Large home cleanouts
    • Inground swimming pool removals
    • Kitchen or bathroom renovations
    • Large yard waste removals
    • Big or medium structure demolition or construction
    • Big to medium hoarding cleanups

     How much does it cost to rent a 40-yard dumpster?

    Rent a 40-yard dumpster at very affordable prices at Direct Dumpster Service. Pricing* depends on your location and the material you’re throwing away.

    However, your dumpster rental could cost more or less depending on various factors.

    Common Factors That Affect Price

    • Dumpster size
    • Allowed weight limit
    • Local permit fees and disposal fees
    • Overage fees or other surcharges
    • Who you rent from

    To learn more about our dumpster rental in your area, please request a free quote.

    Anything else you should know about small dumpster rentals?

    Still not sure if a 40-yard dumpster rental is right for your requirement? Our expert staff will be glad to help. Just let us know what exactly you’re working on, and we’ll calculate if this size matches your disposal needs.

    Any preparation needed before dumpster is delivered?

    Once you have ordered your 40-yard cubic dumpster, follow these four steps to have the drop-off area ready for the delivery day:

    • Leave room: The driveway must be a minimum of 60 ft long to accommodate a 40-yard dumpster. Please move your cars to the street and open any entry gates to your property before the dumpster delivery staff arrives.
    • Look up: The company driver will require a 23 ft of vertical clearance to raise the dumpster and place it neatly. That’s the reason why we need a drop-off location that’s free of low-hanging branches and wires.
    • Be Ready: The ordered dumpster can arrive at any time during the day. We schedule drop-offs over the most fuel-efficient routes, so it’s mandatory to prepare ahead of time. That said, you don’t have to be present when the dumpster is being delivered.
    • Pay attention: Note down the 40-yard dumpster’s weight limit and make sure you don’t pile it higher than the rim. Any excess above the allowed weight limit will incur additional charges once dumpster is weighed.

    If you’re dumping everyday waste, chances are we can take it. However, it’s better to know what is not allowed in a dumpster to avoid additional charges. Prohibited items may vary depending on container type and your location.

    Here are the items that are not allowed to be dumped in our dumpster rental.

    • Adhesives: Like glue or epoxy, adhesives should be disposed of with regular household trash or recycling instead of our dumpster bin. Loose adhesives can damage the bin, and they might also cause debris to stick together or to the walls of the container, making them tough to remove.
    • Car Batteries: Car batteries and lithium batteries can leak harmful chemicals and hence cannot go in a dumpster. Take old car batteries to a local auto shop or a recycler. Alkaline batteries, however, can go in a dumpster.
    • Fluorescent Lightbulbs: Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury in small quantities, and hence they cannot go in the dumpster. Some areas in the U.S. prohibit these items’ disposal, while some areas require them to be properly recycled. Recycling is required in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington.
    • Food Waste: Food waste is often prohibited from the dumpster rentals since it can make a mess in the container or attract rodents. If you have huge amounts of food waste to dispose of, consider sending the waste to a local composting center or using municipal trash services.
    • Freon: Unless the Freon is removed by some professional, freezers, refrigerators, and AC units cannot be disposed of in the dumpster.
    • Hot Water Tanks: Hot water tanks can contain harmful gases inside them that have a high risk of exploding, and hence they are not allowed to be dumped in the bin. You can dispose of hot water heater tanks by scrapping, selling, or donating.
    • Household Cleaners: Chemical solvents or cleaners should not be thrown in our dumpster. You may toss empty containers in the rented dumpster as long as they are rinsed out and free of any residual chemicals.
    • Resins and Inks: Resins and inks used in printers and pens can cause damage to the equipment and stain the dumpsters’ interiors.
    • Oils, Fuels & Propane Tanks: When thrown in a dumpster, flammable materials like oils, fuels, and propane tanks are absolute safety hazards. These items are highly combustible, and it is illegal in many areas to dispose of them improperly.
    • Lacquers and Paint: Partially full or full cans of wet paint, including paint thinners, lacquers, or wood stains, generally cannot go in a dumpster. Empty paint cans are accepted in our containers.
    • Railroad Ties & Telephone Poles: Lumber materials like telephone poles and railroad ties are treated with dangerous wood preservatives and are not allowed in our dumpsters. However, some landfills might accept intact railroad ties.
    • Tires: Most landfills do not accept tires because they can trap gases and take a long time to decompose. Instead of throwing tires in a dumpster, contact an auto parts store, your local municipality, or tire dealership.

    For more details visit http://www.directdumpsterservice.com/terms-conditions/ and check out the terms and conditions.

    How to Rent a 40-Yard Dumpster with Direct Dumpster Service?

    To Order a Dumpster Delivered to Your Home:

    • Pick a size
    • Get a quote
    • Review details
    • Place an order
    • Schedule pickup

    While placing the order, give our customer care a call and let us know your requirements. Just a quick phone call is all that is needed. Here are a few guidelines to help your call go smoothly:

    • Let us know the debris type, requested dumpster size, and your zip code.
    • Select a delivery date with a 24-hour window for dumpster drop-off.
    • Pick a delivery location.
    • Have your credit card handy to finalize your order.

    If you are ready to order a 40 Yard dumpster rental right now, pick up the phone and give us a call at — or visit our website www.DirectDumpsterService.com.

    10-Yard Dumpster
    Capacity: 50-70 trash bags
    Ideal for:
    • Residential junk removal Projects
    • Attic and basement cleanouts
    • Smaller home renovations
    • Dirt disposal
    20-Yard Dumpster
    Capacity: 80-130 trash bags
    Ideal for:
    • Roof removal and disposal
    • Top-to-bottom home cleanouts
    • Light demolition projects
    • Large yard cleanups
    30-Yard Dumpster
    Capacity: 140-200 trash bags
    Ideal for:
    • Garage or shed cleanouts
    • Medium to large roof replacements
    • Large deck removals
    • Large home cleanouts
    40-Yard Dumpster
    Capacity: 210-250 trash bags
    Ideal for:
    • Flipping a home
    • Tearing down a garage
    • Building a home addition
    • Renovating a large kitchen or entire floor